5 Must Haves for a Luxury Cincinnati Wedding

Photo by Annette Navarro/A Wedding Blueprint Original

Photo by Annette Navarro/A Wedding Blueprint Original

1. A Unique Venue: Creating a wedding experience that is uniquely yours speaks luxury more than anything else. So many people get married in the same venues year after year, we all attend them, find a venue that has never had a wedding reception before, and you’ve got a golden ticket!

2. Event Designer: Whether this is included in your wedding planning package or someone you hire separately, an event designer is a must have. This will allow your wedding to have a cohesive color palette and design aesthetic. Your event designer will execute your vision and decide what design elements are important to splurge on that will add the most visual value. If you want a guaranteed beautiful wedding, hire one!

3. High End Catering: Although wedding receptions are becoming less traditional, with more lounge styled receptions, your choice of a catering company is now more important than ever. A truly excellent catering company will offer exceptional service, providing the appropriate staff-to-guest ratio attending your reception. They will be able to wow your guests with all the newest trends, outstanding presentation, and of course, unforgettably delicious tasting food.

4. Professional DJ: High-end, luxury weddings keep up with the times and let’s face it; the DJ is the new band. Besides you, your DJ is the most important person at your reception. Couples today, more than ever, are focused on “the party” after the ceremony. They want to ensure all of their guests have a good time. The DJ you select determines this. He/she needs to know all of the new music as well as classic hits and possess the skills to read the crowd. By playing the appropriate music, everyone will be dancing and having a good time, this will keep the party alive!

5. The Gown: After all, it’s your wedding day — all eyes are on you! Make sure you find the gown of your dreams that really speaks to who you are. Luxury is in the details so choosing fine fabrics and a gown with intricate beading, embroidery or lace work will show your gown’s value and unique beauty. This is definitely a place to splurge!