Featured Creative Partner: DJ Etrayn

Here is the deal, our initiative as a wedding planning company is to do things a little differently.

Not only do we plan weddings tailored to fit your charm, we also team up with creatives throughout Cincinnati that will help bring a unique vibe to your wedding day. How do you know who you want to help make your day great if you don’t even know who is out there?

Check. This. Out.

Typically referred to as a vendor, we are here to switch up the lingo. Rather than referring to the people we work with as “vendors,” we are calling them “creative partners.” Because hey, we are partnering up with them in order to make your wedding a creatively unique event that exudes what you, as a couple, represent.

Every couple of weeks, on the blog, we will feature one of our many creative partners. We want you to get to know the people that we trust will help make your wedding day one to remember!

First up, Eddie Traynor, A.K.A. DJ ETrayn.

Well known around Cincinnati and becoming a musical influencer outside of the city as well, DJ Etrayn got his start in 2010. While more recently sharing the stage with artists such as Usher, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Big Sean, DJ Etrayn is looking to push the “typical” wedding DJ envelope.

How cool is it if your wedding DJ is the same guy who has been the soundtrack to Bengals 8-0 record?

A Self-Diploma signed artist, we are so excited to bring someone like DJ Etrayn onto our team and into our creative process!

Get to know DJ Etrayn a bit more…

How did music become a part of your life?

Music became apart of my life at an early age. I grew up with my parents as heavy influencers on the sounds I like. My dad raised me on classic rock and my mom, on funk and r&b . I am thankful they provided an eclectic base for me, which has helped me in my career.

How do you plan to help bring innovation to weddings through Wedding Blueprint?

I have been to many weddings and understand the overall "feel" of a typical wedding. I would like to bring a unique sound to the industry and give people an experience they will always remember. [I want for their wedding] to exceed the standard wedding atmosphere some have grown accustomed to. I would like to present more of a "party" or family get together, creating a sense of comfort amongst the guests.  

What is your favorite aspect of being a part of a wedding?

I like knowing that I am in charge of their big day from an entertainment standpoint. It is the most important day of their life, and for me to provide them with a memorable experience means a lot to me!

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